From where you are, with what you have...


(Updated 7.22.18)

My name is Vana. The mindful maker behind The Quiet Brave.

I am an ever evolving woman, practicing the art of conscious living. I believe in community over criticism, creating with courage and consuming with care.

With a deep desire to encourage, not "fix" you, I use my creativity to celebrate myself and other women, as we navigate our conscious living practice.

Forever fascinated with how many ways I can serve and self express- I spend my time dabbling in different mediums and wear my heart on my sleeve along the way.

I'm currently updating this site (literally, because I'm the designer hehe), to reflect my upcoming projects. So poke around at what's already been created and enjoy the space for as long as you'd like. 

The site changes (and new projects) will be updated after August 27th. That's because Mars and Mercury will both be direct and I'm an astrogeek who totally plans by the stars.

xx Vana

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