Dare to do it Differently.

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Hello Brave, my name is Vana.

Mindful maker, healing perfectionist and devoted planeteer behind the quiet brave: a budding multi-media movement for women who want to create with courage and consume with care.

I want to make deliberate decisions about the kind of life I lead. And I know you want the same thing. Just in your own way.

And what the worlds needs now, is women who dare to challenge society's (current) norms, by relentlessly exploring how we can create and consume in a way that's more mindful and meaningful.

I want to be a women who dares to not only believe in the light and love that exists but makes it the cornerstone of her legacy.

From my corner of the cosmos my intention is simple. To create with my hands, my heart and my voice and to consume with discernment and deep love. And if that resonates with you, I invite you to join the journey cause we're just getting started!

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