Working with Vana gave me a sense of balance, intention, creativity and most importantly a sense of ownershipI learned to make time to cultivate ways of living that are more inline with my most intimate desires; which is great and bring more radiant joy into my world. Inow have intention in my choice, precision with my time and awareness of what energy I want to bring into my daily life in order to see and feel more radiance. 

- Stacy A.

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Before working with Vana I was overwhelmed & I wanted more joy & fun in my life!  She put so much passion and energy into the session and completely tailored the session to my individual needs. I think it's really great that she focuses on what the person is looking for and their personal values.

- Meg K.

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I was feeling really flustered and overwhelmed- like a bird that was pecking at the ground all over the place, and never feeling satisfied. Vana had a great process that unfolded really naturally, was very professional, and most of all- helpful!  To speak out loud about my confusion and overwhelm was an empowering experience- it really made me confront the things I was struggling with and put me in a position to meet them head on.

- Joanne T.

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Since working with Vana I feel like I've gained 6 hours everyday, just by learning my rhythms. I've realized the importance of taking care of me and recognizing/appreciating all that I do accomplish rather than focusing on what isn't done. Most importantly I've found new joy. Each day feels better, I get more done, I waste less time and energy (on things like Facebook, bad moods and complaining etc) and I've figured out ways to get back to happy when things get hard. I do after all have a 4 year old and every day isn't going to be smooth sailing. 

- Heather C.

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You hear all these strategies about "the best way to start your day" or how some people have these morning and evening rituals - which sounded great but was not something that worked for me - so I struggled thinking I was doing something wrong. The guidance she gave allowed me to decide what I should work on and then reflect on it, which is genius.

- Mary S.

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Vana is insanely perceptive, she 'got' me and my business really quickly. Plus she is just incredibly lovely, professional and a complete pleasure to work with. I can't recommend her enough!

- Elisabeth O.

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Working with Vana felt easy, joyful and so much fun and now that it's over I feel super clear on where I can improve and where I'm doing just fine. Even just one tiny tip she gave me made a huge impact on the way I plan my life, giving me more breathing space and peace of mind. When I came to her I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied with my schedule but not anymore. 

- Adrienn C.

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