"Truth is a pathless land, if you're following someone else, you'll never find it." ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hi there! I'm Vana. Most days you can find me savoring 3 things: a quiet morning, cuddles with my Frenchie, and laughter with my man.

At my core, I'm an idealist almost to the point of idiocy and a dreamer, of the most daring and diligent kind.

A digital girl with an analog heart who cares deeply about people, purpose, and our planet.

I'm a born and raised Latina Brooklynite who grew up on Boy Meets World and dial up internet. I loved my Trolls more than my Barbies and have always appreciated solitude. I am an INFJ, a Virgo, and a creative through and through. Paint, dance, fashion, words, the medium has never mattered as much as my love for losing myself to my Muse. I currently live in Vermont with my man, our son and my pup, Vada.

Through my work, I create, encourage, listen and guide. Technical title? I'm a Conscious Creative.

I am mostly known for my love of encouragement and my ability to offer people new perspectives. I’m also known for my belief in starting where you are with what you have, and letting everything be progress because fumbles and fuck ups are what build the fairytale. 

I believe in...

Choosing joy


Changing course



What lights me up most is exploring various ways to live a conscious life and how to make it your own. I feel most alive when I share, almost always in real time, the lessons of my own journey. I don't  preach. I practice and I propose. What you do with my offering is yours to decide. Which is my favorite part. Your map. Your road. Your rules.


My journey began over 10 years ago, 

when I started to explore what it meant to live a life that was kind(er) to the planet. From being a vegetarian, vegan, and back to eating meat again, but still won't buy things tested on my fur friends. My curiosities led me explore traditions like Ayurveda and promises to stop buying plastic water bottles. From smoothies to soy to binging on documentaries like Fed Up and Earthlings. I sought for answers inside a blender, my closet, my wallet and my mind. From nutrition school to Environmental Conservation drop out, my life has been one experiment after the other in search of a way to live as consciously as I can.

Along the way, I've learned,

there’s more than one way to live a conscious life. I value choice, made through discernment and deliberate thought. I want to live in a world of women who are wildly aware of their role as conscious creators and  step up, in way that's all their own, honoring themselves as individuals and a collective, united by the idea of community over criticism.

Through This community I guide women,

who want a lifestyle that's mindful and meaningful. And by that I mean, it meets you where you are with space to grow. It's a life that feels full of practicality and possibility because it puts you back in the drivers seat.

I help these, perfect as they are, women learn how to explore living as a courageous, lifelong practice.

My work helps them feel supported, encouraged and downright in love with their evolving conscious lifestyle and journey.

I'm an Expert in- 

Making mistakes. To me, progress is the perfect metric. Starting over. A phoenix can’t rise, if not from her ashes. Seeing the world through many lenses. Quiet Braves know one size doesn’t have to fit all. Learning to unlearn because outdated beliefs hurt us all. And befriending contrast, because what we don’t want has SO much to teach us.

If you're curious to hear more, here's 5 more things you might not know about me!

- I'm a total So You Think You Can Dance fanatic.
- I'm an NYU Masters Program drop out.
- Alternate dream careers include a rapper, a voice over actor and choreographer.
- I'm fluent in Spanish, thanks to my Grandmas.
- I'm a complete Astrology geek & love to plan by the stars! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Where to next?