root to rise: A made for you mentorship


I believe with all my heart...

when a women feels seen, she feels safe & when she feels safe, she soars.

I also believe that when she feels called to welcome the support of a mentor, she should be able to build the exact experience she desire. Because no one knows what's best for her, more than her, even if she doesn't quite know how to (consistently) listen listen to HerSelf. 

Root to Rise combines my two loves... 

encouraging women and helping them learn how to trust themselves.

It allows you to choose from a variety of mediums that can support your journey and then invites you to choose, and therefore create your ideal experience, based on the kind of support you're craving. 


I can support you in...

  • Learning how to cultivate a relationship to your intution
  • Redefining the metrics you use to define your success
  • Exploring the role rhythms and rituals can play in your life
  • Strengthening your self-compassion 
  • Reconnecting to your body in an inviting and intuitive way
  • Using creativity as way to support mental health
  • Learning to see contrast as the gift it is

I can support you through...

  • Face to face chats (online)
  • Messenger apps
  • Instagram
  • Audio
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Snail mail
  • Phone calls
  • Artwork
  • Poetry

Root to Rise is best for women who...

are familiar with my work and style and are ready for a more intimate form of accountability and support.

Trust me when I say, you'll know when the time to work together is right. Trust yourself first and above all and let this decision come from love not lack. With that said some pretty amazing people who once were here too, have said some pretty sweet things about me and you can read them here. 


Does saying yes feel aligned?