my life, right now

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(Updated 8.1.17)

A page dedicated to what I'm creating & consuming, right now. 

♥ I'm spending the Summer working on:

  • Season 2 of Quiet Brave Radio: Shorter episodes and a bonus I'm dying to share!
  • Setting up my online boutique with things like this, this and this.
  • Updates to site to reflect all our changes.

♥ I recently got interviewed by Emily and Kate of WePropelle. Check it out here.

♥ With extra time off this Summer I've split my time between sitting under the sun and revisiting my systems. Realizing that I feel more FREE when I invite more structure into my life. 

♥ I ordered a new planner and it's on it's way. I'm not one for dated planners but hey, it's made my a fav of mine so I'm looking forward to the change it will bring into my life. Because, bonus! It's also based on a book I lovvvvve. Curious? Check it out here.

♥ I also ordered this. Because, again, I'm digging into my systems. 

This page was inspired by Derek shivers' now page movement