my life, right now

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(Updated 6.27.17)

A page dedicated to what I'm creating & consuming, right now. 

♥ I want a way to connect us on an ongoing basis so I'm introducing The Quiet Quarterly: A 100% free (aka NO SALES) group coaching call for our community. Every 3 months we talk practice and progress. Next call in September. Learn more here.

♥ I got interviewed for the Nourishing Real Talk podcast and it was a blast! We talk perfectionism, presence and the power of now. Check it.

♥ I got interviewed by Alana Helbig for Podcast with Heart. We talked about my journey to the mic and the imperfect adventure it was. Check it.

♥ I created a library for you. It's 9 love letters written to encourage your conscious journey. You can read them one by one or download them all as a PDF, which also includes a journal prompt and space to write. (No opt in required)

♥ As always my hands are covered in paint weekly and I'm probably sitting on my porch with my puppy Vada. Spring has arrived in Vermont! 

This page was inspired by Derek shivers' now page movement