This intro has me a fan already. Loved to content, delivery, heart and soul to the core vibe. Great job! I look forward to the launch!!
— Janae F.

Quiet Brave Radio is a weekly podcast that explores the practice of being a conscious woman.

And by conscious I mean, your heart beats for a deep connection to your purpose, the planet and all who share this sacred space with you.

Every Monday, in 20 minutes or less, mini-workshop style, we courageously explore one of the many ways you can lead a conscious life.

Listen in to grow your knowledge and get introduced to new ideas. From where you are with what you have, join a movement of active advocates who believe in community over criticism.

Let the Quiet Brave Radio encourage, educate and empower your journey with personal insights, everyday tips and techniques that make conscious change feel practical and possible.

I just listened to all 15 minutes very intently. You are amazing. I cannot wait until March to hear your powerfully brave voice again.
— Nicole S.