life that's mindful, meaningful and manageable 


You're always one decision away from a totally different life ~ Mark Batterson

I am fiercely devoted to conscious living as a practice. From personal experience, I know that all it takes, is one deliberate decision at a time. Decisions made through the lens of living, learning and letting go of rigid rules in exchange for courageous creation.

Together we'll discover how to create your practice.

A practice that feels...



Honor who you are and what you have to create what you want. You're one of kind, your practice should be too.



Explore how to burn bright without burning out by learning to see self-care as divine responsibility. 


Step deeper into your desires and explore how to take consistent action from a space of alignment.


Fall in love with progress and turn celebration into your favorite habit. 
Radiant joy looks so good on you.


Discover how to dabble with different ideas and create a toolbox that fits who you are being AND becoming.

Step into a world one size doesn't fit all because happy looks different on everybody.


where you lead i will follow...

Ignited Intentions

For the woman who wants a lightening lesson in leading and living in a more conscious way.

Awaken & Align

For the woman who wants to savor her change through an incremental adventure.