The time, my love, is now. 


You're a multi-faceted human with a mountain sized heart. You're on a mission to examine your everyday choices and the (true) impact they have.

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You want to explore all the ways you can live more deliberately, because surfacing livin' just ain't cutting it. You know there's big shifts happening around the world. You know it impacts us all. And you want IN on the revolution by being that change.

You believe the greatest insights come in increment. You're devoted to exploration and expansion rather than rigid rules. 

We the quiet brave, are dedicated to the conversation of change. Uniting women from different walks (and styles) of life. A community connected by how deeply they care about conscious living AND one another. #CommunityOverCriticism

This platform was created to remind you of the powerful force you (already) are and help you explore how to make that change happen. From where you are, with what you have. 

Every movement has a beginning and this is ours. We proudly stand on the leading edge of our expansion. And humbly invite you to join the adventure. It's going to be sweeeet! 

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