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As a quiet brave, practice is our middle name.
The brave beat mixes weekly wisdom with a monthly magazine.

A consciously curated collection to be consumed at your leisure.
Savor ONLY the parts you want. Sealed and sent with nothing but love. FOMO never included.

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Your inbox craves something that meets you where you are with practical tools you want.

Each issue includes-

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  • Practice Prompts: Every Monday, I send ONE practice prompt to your inbox. Food for thought, one action take, and the week to explore it. 
  • Mantra Coloring Page: Explore the idea of mindful coloring. (A meditative practice with proven benefits.) Print. Color. Remember your greatness.
  • Gratitude Experiments: The attitude of appreciation runs through our veins. Each month brings you a different activity to try and explore this powerful practice.
  • Art Download: My paintbrush and my poetry happily collide to create an exclusive (digital) art print. Yours to savor and lift your spirits, as needed.
  • In Conscious Company:  A simple editorial where I lovingly gush about a (conscious) person or company that I adore and why you may want to put them on your radar.
  • Quiet Brave Radio: Recent episodes and insider news