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More than one way to live a conscious life


Her skin comes in all shades.
Her body in all sizes.
She'd rather uplift what she loves,
than tear down what she despises.
She’s more interested in exploration,
then in rules she didn't write.
And cares most about making a difference,
than needing to be "right"

She still makes mistakes
and she's not immune to self-doubt.
She’s just more devoted to unfolding,
then she is to “figuring it out”.
She is a multi-faceted human,
with a mountain sized heart,
who has learned accepting where you are,
is the best place we can start….


explore what’s been made


my dearest brave

We all benefit from encouragement.


quiet brave radio

Practice being a conscious woman.


pocket poems

Listen when you need it most.


Purchase with a Purpose…

tqb x one tree planted


A partnership with a non-profit, environmental charity, on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! Because being helpful shouldn’t have to be hard.



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