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Her skin comes in all shades. Her body in all sizes. 
She'd rather uplift what she loves, than tear down what she despises. 
She’s more interested in exploration, than in rules she didn't write.
And cares most about making a difference, than needing to be "right".

My dearest brave

Because every woman benefits from being encouraged.


Quiet brave radio

Quiet Brave Radio, hosted by Artist and (soon to be) Author, Vana Feliciano, is a podcast dedicated to the practice of being a conscious woman. Thoughtfully designed to explore this lifestyle in a way that’s deliberate and digestible, our seasons are themed collections. Dubbed inspirational, motivational and relatable, this podcast is a MUST listen for any woman who is more devoted to unfolding, than she is to figuring it out.


Pocket poems

Original poetry by Vana Feliciano


Hi im vanA.

An alliteration addicted, mindful maker who speaks English, Spanish, Art & Audio.


moutains and miracles

Private Audio Letters


The Insights collection:

Favorite Posts From IG