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Hi I’m Vana. The maker behind this movement.

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To find out the deep and detailed, about who I am, what I do, and the beliefs that are the backbone of this project platform read this. Or listen to it instead (running time 6 mins).

To find out about my own, real and rocky, conscious living journey, that started over 10 years ago and how it led to starting my this platform and eventually my podcast listen to this.

To learn about a few, short and sweet, yet super important pieces that make up who I am, read this.

To learn about me through what I share on social media, explore this collection.

TQB believes life is a practice that should feel…



Honor who you are and what you have, to create what you want. You're one of a kind, your practice should be too.



Explore how to burn bright without burning out, by learning to show up for yourself before you do it for others.


Step deeper into your heart's desires and explore how to take consistent action from a space of alignment.


Fall in love with progress and turn celebration into your favorite habit. JOY looks good on you, so learn to wear it well.


Discover how to dabble with different ideas and create a toolbox that fits who you’re being AND becoming- In all seasons of your life.


Step into a world where one size doesn't fit all, because conscious living looks different on us all.

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