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Here's what I know...


I know most people (except the ones who really know me) will easily mistake me for an extrovert, because I love hugs, laugh loud and love to talk with my hands! But the truth is I’m a deeply private introvert who prefers and thrives inside close-knit relationships.

I know that I've loved Justin Timberlake since the age of 11, am completely obsessed with my Frenchie Vada, and would cry for weeks if I had to give up peanut butter. 

I know that being a mom to a kid I didn't give birth to has taught me more about life, love, letting be and letting go, than anything else I've yet (and I think will ever) experience. Eight years later, Liam who's almost 17, is the best thing I never knew I needed. 


I know that I love dance so much I once auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance. It taught me a lot about the power of just going for it, despite not feeling ready. And while I may never be a contestant, in one of my imaginary lives (I have 3 of them, the by way) I'm a kick ass choreographer who blends the worlds of Hip Hop and Contemporary. #LifeAintOverYet

I know that having H.I.V positive parents and surviving a near fatal car accident (just after graduating college) has changed me in too many ways to name. I also know it has shaped why I live as intently as I do and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I know that I'm a digital girl with an analog heart, an idealist almost to the point of idiocy and a dreamer of the most daring and diligent kind.

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I know that my own (imperfect) journey of over 10 years led me to create the quiet brave because I care deeply about people living on purpose. And I want to help create a healthier, happier planet that honors conscious living as a practice rather than a prescribed path.

I know that I'm ready to use my one wild life to stand up for the kind of change I wish to see by being it firsthand. Not in any way that resembles polished and perfected but instead highlights my humanity. 

Most of all I know that I'm not the only one and I'm ready to gather with women daring to do it differently. Will you be Brave with me?

Why don’t ya stay a while?

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