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Permission to Practice:

Guided Journals for Courageous Living


Journaling has, more than once, saved my sanity and help me take build the confidence and courage to create the kind of life I really want. And I believe with every fiber of my being, other woman can use this tool to do the same.

I also understand how intimidating it can be to start any new practice, especially one that is surrounded by so many preconceived notions and expectations.

So, I’m creating a series of guided journals. Each journal will explore a mix of formats and activities, to help demonstrate how unique and yes easy, a journal practice can be, once you learn how to define it for yourself. The only goal here is practice!

Because to live consciously and courageously requires ongoing conversations between you and your Soul and one of the best ways to do that is through the art of journaling.

Consider yourself cordially invited to uncover the massive change that can take place in your life by giving yourself permission to practice!

Inaugural Volume: Winter 2019

Excited to get started with journaling?

Season Four of our podcast is dedicated to it. Listen & learn from other Braves.

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