A note on taking chances...

A note on taking chances... July 1st marked four years since this gal and my guy traded in the big buildings of New York for the green mountains of Vermont.

I had only done a few google searches before deciding to visit. And we decided to make it home after just one night of being here.

Not the most logical way to make such a big decision, especially not my A typical, overthinking, worrywart self.

But we took a chance on what could be without knowing and it has worked out in ways that exceed my imagination.
Of course not without tears or tribulations, because life happens no matter where you are.
But I can say with certainty that had we not decided to leap, the stress and struggle would have slowly eaten away at our lives.

Sometimes.... Even if, and possibly especially when it’s uncertain, you have to take a chance.

Because without knowing, that chance can be a catalyst. Giving way to a life you never dreamed could be yours to live.

I get that taking chances isn’t always the easiest thing to choose.

Because, well, we're wired to fear the unknown, but it's also how the best stories are born.

Vanessa Feliciano