Adjust your lens...

A Poem: 
Don't compare your journey with hers.
You have no idea what her road's been like.
How often she's felt discouraged,
or how many times she's cried.
Her now may look bright and shiny,
and indeed most days it might just be.
But that's doesn't in any way,
make her immune to anything.
Not to doubt, not to fear,
not to feeling too spread thin.
Not to overwhelm 
or even her own comparisons.

She's human, just like you.
She's putting in the time just like you are.
And to compare your journey to hers,
diminishes all you've done this far.
Take a moment to think about
how many women might look at you
and compare themselves to your journey
not knowing what you're going or have been through.

When you think of it that way
it's easier to adjust your lens.
And remember that we all have
Beginnings, middles and ends.
So next time you feel yourself comparing
Yourself to someone else's journey that you see,
remember that someone might also be looking
at you and doing the same thing.

And so, the best choice we can make
for ourselves and each other,
is trade in all comparison 
for celebrations of one another.
Throw confetti in the air
for her accomplishments and your own.
Honor that you are both Queens,
born worthy of your thrones.
Dont give your joy to comparison,
an unsatisfied thief she'll always be.
Close the book on this old tale
and tell a brand new story.

Vanessa Feliciano