An invitation to look at something in a new light?

Last night during our monthly chat when I told @solnikole that I had lost my edits for a third time she asked me: 

Is there something in this episode that you really needed to HEAR for yourself?

I didn't answer her then but took that with me long after our convo was over.

And indeed was right. (She usually is 😆) Last night I sat down with her question. And 3 things came up.

1. Move your body
2. Take care of your feet
3. The Universe is listening

Truth: I've known for a while that I want to move my body in a new sacred way and have not really committed to showing up for it.

Did start to ease my way in thanks to who inspired me with her movement videos (thanks babe xo)

Truth: It's not like my feet aren't taking care of but as someone who is interested in Ayurvedic medicine and knows that so much healing happens through the feet I've neglected to make real time for this.

Truth: I know the universe is listening. But knowing it, isn't living it. And while I do live it daily. There's is absolutely a next level of it am I being called to step into. And I am navigating that discomfort.

And so I thank you Lai, so very very much, for that invitation to look at something in a new light. 
And just in time for tonight's Full Moon. Feeling so ready to let so much go.

Vanessa Feliciano