Be a good human...

I want so deeply to be a good human. Like to the point that I find myself almost consistently overwhelmed by how to do that.

Not because I don't know how but because the problems of the world seem to be becoming too large to hold, never mind solve and I find myself swinging back and fourth from hopeful to hopeless, too many times a day to count.

I think about my work in the world. What I do now, what I want to do later. What I could only hope to do in my lifetime.

And it I think to myself what is the very best way I can use my privilege and platform?

While I sort that out, all I can say is this... I may lose my faith multiple days a time but there is something in me that will not let me stay faithless.

And it's determined to let life keep breaking my heart if only to prove how resilient my spirit truly is.

And today, it's enough for me to know I may get overhelemed but I am not ready to give up.

But most of all that am not the only one out there who feels this way.

Vanessa Feliciano