Being used to getting by...

A note on being used to getting by:

Up until two weeks ago, I owned this macbook pro for ten years. She was good to me in too many ways to count. But like all things she aged and eventually she went from operating optimally to just ok. 
I've wanted a new one for a few years now, never bit the bullet until now, and basically it was because she was not going to last much longer. 
And when, inside these first two weeks I experienced the vast difference between them (read: the hours I've saved would blow your mind) I realized that even though I knew it was time for a change,  I was also very used to get getting by... Though slow and time consuming, hey, she got the job done. I should be grateful to have something at all. Most don't. These were the thoughts that kept me from moving on.

And there in lies the real issue. Because even when we know we could be doing better for ourselves than we are, sometimes we are just so used to getting by that the idea of it being anything other way may cross our minds, but being used to it is what we know... and as creatures of habit, we love what we know and what we know can be hard to let go of.

It's crazy how surprised I STILL am at how swiftly I am getting my work done. It breaks my heart a little to think I got so used operating below optimal, for this long, that getting things done that quickly, feels foreign to me... And it got me thinking. How often do we hold on and continue to accept getting by because it's all we know? How much time are we losing by not challenging this embedded energy and the places it has made us complacent? 
I'm seeing this idea in a whole new light and invite you to investigate with me, because we truly do we ourselves more than getting by.

Vanessa Feliciano