Braver than you know...

After some heart deep reflection that began just before Xmas, I am in the final stages of naming by goals for the New Year.

I am very excited that most of them are personal as opposed to business focused.

Because 2016 taught me that taking care of myself first is the key that unlocks the success of all other endeavors.

I'm setting myself to face some my greatest fears and release my most limiting beliefs.

I believe that I am capable of this change.

And yet I can also feel my resistance staying by, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

And so I'm arming myself with these 4 words. I'll repeat them until my soul knows them like her favorite song.

Because it's true. We're braver than we know or dare give ourselves credit for.

And just in case you forget I'll be here all year to remind you of that greatness. Because being Brave is better together.

Stand with me.

Image by the lovely @emmakateco

Vanessa Feliciano