Choosing courage over comfort...

A note on choosing courage over comfort... Brave living, as I keep learning, is one part decision making and one part decision taking.

We can decide over and over again that we want to live differently.

But it isn't until we act on our decision (sometimes more than once, sometimes for the rest of our lives) that the difference is truly experienced.

And with each micro and macro step taken, we help reprogram our old mind into new ways of living, until those ways become our new truth.

Because we stopped talking about it and started to be about it.

In my life now, that looks like driving and building local friendships here in Vermont.

Two decisions that had desire but no drive behind them, until I took some real life action.

Nervous, when I drove to and from work? Yes. Vulnerable, when I asked someone out for tea? Yup. Anxious, when I bought a ticket to a local meet up? For sure.

Excited and empowered, because I'm choosing courage over comfort, in as many ways as I can? Hell fucking yeahhhh.

Please remember, it can be done Brave...because are more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

Vanessa Feliciano