Depth is the acceptance of all layers ...

I'm always on the lookout for ways to deepen my conscious living practice. Tools to strengthen my journey.

And since realizing every dollar I spend cast a very powerful vote, I'm not so willy nilly with my pesos anymore.

I need to resonate with a product before buying it. Make sure it supports things I stand for and supports me as human being vs just another dollar in their pocket.

Not always easy. Not always possible (in the moment). And can be downright discouragingly impossible if your standards have no space to breathe. (Sidebar: please give your standards space to breathe 💞) Yet with SO many people creating change through commerce I'm always so excited to come across new things to explore.

Up next? @schmidtsnaturals, suggested by the beautiful @jessclively, the natural one I use now just needs way to many reappliacations 😩. But I ain't going back to regular deodorant and I'm not ready to make my own.

And Chaga mushroom tea as suggested the darling @stevieyaaaay. Because medicine from the Earth? Yes please. And bonus! She also shares a recipe and a sustainable source on her blog💃

Depth doesn't equal perfection. Depth is the acceptance of all layers and finding what works best for you. From where you are with what you have.


Vanessa Feliciano