Here's to the dreamers who know doubt all too well....

Today was my first full day home since our Thanksgiving travels. Loved having space to journal, talk to a friend and ground myself back into being Home, before the new week begins.

Excited to think that there's only two more episodes of #QuietBraveRadio before this season is through.

It's been an amazingly cathartic experience, that I can only hope, has found a way to help other Braves live into love a little deeper.

And when it's over, I'll have proven to my inner critic once again that I do have something of substance to say and that by choosing to share it, I am indeed empowering others to rise and use their own voices.

So here's to the dreamers who know doubt all too well. This is for you. I'll keep rising, if only to remind you of your power. And trust me when I say I need you too, so keep standing up Brave.

Vanessa Feliciano