How much do you trust me?

How much do you trust me? -The Universe

Watched an IG story of my girl @catypasternak (her stories are the best) talk about how we'll be asked this question, in order to see how committed we are to receiving what we say we really want.

Right now, this question is burning bright for me, especially for my Art practice. I am, without a doubt being asked to trust the unknown in real, out of my comfort zone, way.

And I am answering the call, with every new new mark and every new stroke.

Where is this question showing up for you? Where is the Universe or whatever you call this Divine Energy asking you to trust her, full force and with every inch of your heart?

Chances are this is where your biggest breakthrough lives. I'm cheering you on Brave, let's move into this new space together!

Vanessa Feliciano