I don't want control, I want to let go...

🎵I don't want control, I want to let go🎶 - P!nk

This line from What About Us, off Beautiful Trauma sent me into a 20 plus minute dance outburst inside my bedroom, beside the laundry I was putting away.

I threw myself into and inside of every beat with pure abandon, just like I used to over 10 years ago.

It was so cathartic and brought me to tears as I realize that this feeling is what my body has been longing for.

The breath I usually struggle to maintain after just a song, was there for me, one step, kick and turn after the other.

I felt the force of my Soul pour out through my pores and onto my bedroom floor.

And I know it was just a glimpse into a vibrant practice that'll take shape one sway at a time.

P.s. Videos are more than likely going to play their part in this adventure😉

Vanessa Feliciano