I had to Choose Must...

Things change. Around this time last year I was speaking at @altsummit as a time management coach. But was forever changed with @elleluna's closing keynote speech.

I came back knowing I was ready to move on from that title. I knew that meant burning it all down. The name, the taglines, the website, the identity. 
I had to #choosemust.

And I while I didn't like the uncertainty that came without not knowing who to be without the label I had built, what scared me more was trying to hold on to something that no longer fit who I was.

I had outgrown so much and it was time to honor who I had become.

So I wiped the slate and sat with the silence. And when my heart spoke, she was loud and clear and not even two months later the idea for #TheQuietBrave was born.

And as I gear up to launch #QuietBraveRadio in a few weeks, I'm going to tie myself to that trust again, and again, and again.

Vanessa Feliciano