I see you Brave...

The journey of a quiet brave is just as internal as it is external. Yes, she who is a quiet brave is part of a budding sisterhood who believes in community over criticism.

She is also an individual. With her own story, her own troubles, apsirations, regrets she wants to heal, and growth she wants to experience.

And ALOT of that happens in her own heart first. Inside the everyday moments most of us dont ever see.

Where she makes the tiniest choices that're leading to her towards her most impactful change.

It's there inside the tiny corners of her life that shes doing her bravest work.

I see you Brave.

And I created our community to celebrate you where ever you are and invite you to be seen, honored and cheerleaded for the great work you are doing when no one is watching.

Here's to you, the one who dares to do it differently.

Artwork by the ever awsome @Solnikole

Vanessa Feliciano