Impacts starts with "I"...

It's far too easy to feel overwhelmed by the problems that plague our planet.

And even easier to feel powerless, as just ONE person. 

I know because they're still feelings I still fight, everyday, even with over 10 years of practicing a conscious lifestyle. 

But what anchors me daily, is remembering that nothing changes without me. 
I matter. So does my voice and so do my actions.No matter how much mainstream media or cynics, try to tell me other wise.

All this to say, if you, like me, feel deeply connected to making an impact on a world that so desperately needs our love attention and intentionality, you are more powerful than you think and you are most definitely not alone.

Impact starts with "I" but we are in this together.

Pic lovingly borrowed from @packagefreeshop

Vanessa Feliciano