Inside the messy middles

Inside the messy middles where the answers aren't clear, I know my purpose. Yes it is crystal clear. 
My purpose isn't to define the one way to live, it's about redefining how deeper I can give.

My love, my attention, my compassion and my courage. Without letting the weight of the world leave me discouraged.

My purpose is to let my human heart learn its lessons. 
To show up over and over, and to remain mindful of my blessings.

My purpose is to set fire to the rules I didn’t write. And be unafraid to really live my life.

In the way that I want. With all the joy I can imagine. Refusing to hate myself, or others, for the wrongs that have happened.

Because we are all learning and unlearning with every single step. Some wounds deeper than others but all far from perfect. 
Inside the messy middles where the answers aren't clear, let's take a moment to honor the chance to be here.

The chance to make choices that make things different. To change 'that's how it goes' to 'that's the way it went'. Definitely not easy. Definitely multilayered and complex. And why I know it won't always make sense.

And yet I believe in humanity with all my heart. And I believe inside the messy middles is the best place we can start 

Vanessa Feliciano