It all starts with dipping your toe...

It all begins with dipping your toe in.

I've spent weeks away...spent time with my momma, and harnessing the energy of the Mercury Retrograde.

Using my new schedule to take a deeper look at what I desires I want to deepen (my art, @thequietbrave, my wellbeing) and how I intend to pursue it.

When I let my imagination wander, my visions go large and wide, creating the grandest dreams my heart can scheme.

It gets big, fast! ....and all at once I feel the vastness of possibility blanket me. I am grateful for the feeling.

But then I have to take a step back and breath in. I have to remind myself it's not sustainable to go after all of it at once... So the best thing to do is bask in the daily journey it's going to take. Day in. Day out. Attentive. Deliberate.

With one thing top of mind... To keep feeding my joy!

To feed it so that it can grow, creating a ripple effect on all things I do and create.

One stroke at a time.

Because it all starts with dipping your toe in ♡

Vanessa Feliciano