Have you ever felt just so ready to do it differently?

I didn't know what 2016 would hold but I did know that this is how I wanted to feel.

And as I get ready to review my year, I remember the amount of pain I was in when I first found this picture from @jannerobinson.

And how much hope it brought me to think about something this serene being my reality.

Have you ever felt just so ready to do it differently? To redefine the metrics you use to measure the quality of your life?

That was me at the end of 2015. That's why REDEFINE was the word that guided me in 2016.

And thats why I'm so committed to the journey of mindful living. Because paying deep attention to the kind of life I wanted to create, changed my trajectory.

It was (and still is) very hard to be that deliberate with your life.

But it's possible.

I hope it doesn't take being in pain like me, before you're willing to really give yourself the kinda of devotion you're already worthy of.

But if you are in pain and ready to do it differently, I am excited to walk side by side with you into the New Year, where together we can explore quiet steps towards living Bravely.

Because the journey may be your own, but you don't have to walk it alone ♡

Vanessa Feliciano