Just begin...

I was introduced to Julia Cameron's Morning Pages a few years ago. The practice was immensely valuable but didn't stick for a myriad of reasons.

In October of last year, I set the intention to try (once more) to work through The Artist Way (the book where the practice comes from) and its 12-week curriculum. My first act was to begin and maintain a morning pages practice.

Fast forward to now, I'm on my fifth notebook and my pages are, hands down, my most essential conscious living practice

Little do we ever know where the first step will lead and yet for as sometimes scary as it can be, it can only ever be your first step that starts a journey.

Sometimes practice don't stick the first time. And that's ok. Sometimes they "fail" to show you they aren't meant for you. Others time to show you how much they matter to you.

Just begin Brave, anywhere will do. Trust me 👌
Ps. Any one else out there experience that Magic of Morning Pages? 💓

Vanessa Feliciano