Let your instincts lead...

Sometimes the idea of creating #thequietbrave paralyzes me.

I begin to get really nervous and unsure about myself and my ability to impact change.

And then I remember how much these topics really mean to me. How fired up I can get when talking to someone about any of these issues.

How much inner work I did to get here, to this moment.

Where I no longer want to shy away from this calling, simply because of how scary it can be to think about, let alone act on.

And all of that happened by following my instincts.

By shutting out the noise of the 'this can't be done' 'who are you to dream that' mostly coming from inside my head.

Follow your instincts, my love. Be open to where they lead. It could open the door to your destiny.

Artwork and 📷 by one of my absolute favorite Quiet Braves @ckelso of Made Vibrant ♡

Vanessa Feliciano