Life offline...

I am enjoying life offline as much as I can...and I'm starting to realize, the more time I spend logged off....the more I tend to imagine having an abundant life AND business without having to constantly show up on a social platform... I'd love to treat this space more like my home. I mindfully fill it with pictures and great stories...But this my place to lay my head not to live inside of... I wanna remember how much I want to live my days. And not be so caught up in documenting them.

More so, find a way that feels good to live know...being here (on social) while not having it take a way from being really here (in my moments)

Because allowing it to rob me of my present moment is what I think stings the most.

It's weird and scary and says a lot about the stories I've accepted to be true. Which now becomes an invitation to vet that truth and see what's stand after it's been challenged. 

I have no clue how this story ends, but I'm definitely curious. And I'm staying open because I have to believe that I dont have to be attached to my device in order to live an abundant life.

I also have to believe that we can each find a harmony that's right for us. While others do the same. 
With as much patience, compassion and love as possible. 
Let's see... 

Vanessa Feliciano