Now a different voice chimes in...

LAUNCH DIARIES: Fun in the becoming...

I look at how much this project has shifted since the idea first came to mind and I'm amazed.

Not at its evolution but at my response to its process.

You see, in the past, whenever an idea changed and started to look different, my mean girl would sound off.

"This is why we don't tell anyone you're working on anything. Jeez, could you be any more of a flake?!"

Now, different voice chimes in. A supportive voice that assures me that the creative process isn't linear and encourages me to show and tell before all my ducks are in a row.

And there's not doubt that learning to have fun in the becoming is exactly why I was able to channel this upcoming adventure.

And lends to what's it's about!

P.S. My IG stories will be where much more of the behind the scenes fun happens. So be sure to check me out there.

with love,

Vanessa Feliciano