One decision from a totally different life...

I remember the one feeling that haunted me for years when I first began my conscious living practice: OVERWHELM

There was so much information! Eat thing, do that, stay away from this. THIS is the best way. No! THAT is the best way.

And when that happens people usually do one of two things. The overwhelm is so much that it freezes them, they do nothing or they go full tilt into extreme of trying to do it all at once.

I was the latter. And it was quite a bumpy ride, to say the least, with only a health breakdown to stop me right in my tracks. I thank the stars I am better now.

This is why I am such a fierce advocate of conscious living being a practice that mixes deliberate intent with digestible action.

One decision. One moment at a time. That's what leads to your totally different life. You don't have to live from either extreme. A happy middle ground can exist

Remember that Brave. One decision. One moment at a time.
Photo/illustration lovingly borrowed from one of my fav Braves, Dani of @positivelypresent

Vanessa Feliciano