Ready to keep practicing...

All the kinds of things I've been asking for, are showing up. I'm having the juiciest conversations, making some high vibe connections. I am blessed.

On the very same side of the coin I have felt a bit frazzled. After 2 weeks of being sick, I jumped into work and haven't really come up for air.

I've got this really push and pull feeling going on in my heart. Because I know Im still taking care of myself in really good ways. Thumbs up.

I also know that I've been bending some of my own rules, to get stuff done. Thumbs down.

The gusto and guilt have been gaining momentum side by side until I hit a wall yesterday.

And upon tucking myself into bed I remembered that contrast is such important part of the equation.

And by giving one action a Thumbs up and another a Thumbs down I'm judging it, rather than inviting it ALL in, to teach me.

Most importantly, I remembered that the practice of living consciously, is permanent.

Never mastered. Only ever meant to grow deeper.
And with that shift in perspective came a sense of peace.

And I walk away from this lesson filled month ready to keep practicing. ♡

Photo lovingly borrowed from @Danikacolucci

Vanessa Feliciano