Rise above the noise

Life as of the last 2 and half weeks has been vastly different than life over the last 2 and half years. 
I traded in my PT gig for a FT one. A step that in the past I would have seen as pulling me backwards, taking me further away from being my own boss. 
It took me awhile to unlearn this story, but I did, and upon laying it to rest I set myself free in a way I never have before.

Sure, my days look different and that's ok. I am different too. I understand that what I'm building requires endurance. An 'In the long run kind of thinking'. And every time that I choose to define what that looks like, for myself, I am indeed being my own boss. It truly is my journey in becoming, and not in the waiting to be.

It's funny how much changes when you change the way you look at things.

Here's to choosing to see...the strength inside our choice...to rise above the noise.

Vanessa Feliciano