Small changes...

Over the last year, but especially over the last few weeks, I've been embracing the magic of small changes.

Curiously looking and listening for ways to plant reminders of prosperity (the way I want to feel) into my life.

It started by deciding to wear all my favorite bracelets every day, instead of waiting for a special occasion. A gesture inspired by my good friend @cyndiespiegel.

Then I decided to adorn my feet with toe rings. Because the idea instantly made me feel like a bohemian goddess. And in practice, has only amplified that feeling.

And just the other day I decided to upgrade my bathroom rug. Wider. Fluffier. With way more color. It makes me feel all kinds of high vibes whenever I look at it. Especially when I step out of the shower.

They're such small, seemingly simple changes that are revolutionizing how I feel, from the inside out.

My repeated lesson? Small is mighty. Anything can ignite magic.

What small gesture would have the deepest impact for you, right now? And how can you go forth and make it happen? Comment below!

Photo lovingly borrowed from @simplyzero

Vanessa Feliciano