So when the dream came back I felt compelled...

Learning is movement from moment to moment. - J. Krishnamurti

I had the idea for a magazine a long time ago. I allowed myself to be discouraged many things: being a beginner, the financial undertaking & good old fashion doubt.

So when the dream came back I felt compelled to claim the desire & see it through.

I dove in head first & told myself id work out the details as I went. Which is SO unlike me.

But I had to try something different. Perfectionism was suffocating my fire.

That choice put me on display for all to see how often I change my mind. And that's exactly what happened.

The dream of being a magazine morphed. And from that emerged a clear understanding that a community is all I ever really wanted.

Can a magazine be part if that? Sure. And it will. But there's so many layers I want to explore before that moment. Because being a quiet Brave is a journey.

My most vital lesson has been to stay open to my changing heart without judging or calling myself a flake.

Because learning truly IS movement from moment to moment. And though the spaces in between can be both sweet and sour, we're learning to get clear.

Ps. A special thanks to @aheartledlife for being so honest about your journey. You've really helped me stay faithful to mine xo ♡

Vanessa Feliciano