Take your time...

I announced that I was witnessing the most potent energetic practice I've yet faced, and days later got sick for a week! And felt groggy and blah for like 5 more days after.

Surprised? Not really. I've kinda grown used to ailments "popping up" when massive shifts are manifesting in my life.

For me, the other side of feeling unwell always comes a new understanding... about myself, my life and how I can root down and be more present with what's true for me in that moment. 
What do I really need? What systems can be put in place to help me feel the ease I want? Where do intentions need to be simplified so that I may devote my time in a more quality driven way? 
What am ideas and beliefs am I holding that are preventing me from moving forward in a way that feels...lighter?

And so that's what I'm in the middle of doing...all while trying not to let a very real deadline overwhelm me...because, human. Because progress.

All this to say...take your time. Life is not a race, it's a delicious unraveling that leads you back Home to your heart. Trust that journey. Trust that evolution. Trust yourself to make it happen.
Trust something greater than you to support you along the way. These moments of discernment...that's what it's really all about it. Choose with your Soul.

Vanessa Feliciano