The art of course correction...

LAUNCH DIARIES: Embrace the Art of Course Correction...

So one of my issues for a really long time was calling myself a flake when my vision changed. I've since learned how to call it what it really is, my evolution.

The morning I left for NY I announced my intention to launch an ongoing group mastermind. I asked women who resonated with the idea to reach out for more details on a Summer Run. Those who did received an email describing the general gist of the experience.

Well, something in my heart has changed since that email, I still want to create an ongoing experience, just not in the exact way I described it to them.

And for days that feeling of being a flakey fool has been hanging around.

Trying to imagine how to explain what changed so quickly and what my new thoughts are, was a challenge, but I knew I had to honor the shift I'd had.

And then on Monday, I opened my friend @ckelso's newsletter where she talked about how to embrace the Art of Course Correction.

And I immediately felt better. (Caroline has this way of giving everything a look on the bright side, this is what you can learn, kinda perspective).

And it felt like confirmation from the Universe. The truth would set me free. Thanks for the reminder Caroline­čśÜ

I am not a flake. I am a creative and I need every layer of what I'm creating to resonate fully with me before it can be of value to YOU.

To course correction­čĺ×
With light and love,


Vanessa Feliciano