Embrace the journey of TheQuietBrave...

Perfection doesn't exist. No one action is all right or all wrong. Contrast teaches and we'll create more solutions, when we become willing to look at all sides of our ONE world.

I stand before you a woman cracked open at the seams. Ready to be brave in all the ways I never thought I could.

And I'm asking others that desire the same, to join me.

To embrace the journey of #TheQuietBrave.

And be a women who's dedication pulses for conversation dedicated to change. From the inside out, far beyond labels, stigmas and judgment.

And into a world where we can encourage, empower and educate each other in a way that makes every woman feel like the change she's making, matters.

I am devoted to this movement in a way that has never existed with anything I've ever done.

And if you join me, I promise to reveal every layer of the journey with tender transparency.

Because this isn't about having it altogether. Remember perfection doesn't exist.

This is about coming together. On purpose. With purpose. Hand in hand and heart to heart.

Journey along? xx

Vanessa Feliciano