The rule was simple...

Using this Mercury retrograde to dive into my #brightestlifejournal created by the ever so awesome @ckelso.

I bought it when it first came out last year, only to let it sit and collect dust on my desk🤦🏻‍♀️The truth is, despite how invitational this journal is I couldn't bring myself to start it.

My guess is that my ego knew that its pages would take me to the places, it did not feel ready to go.

But with this whole idea of Courage over Comfort taking center stage in my life, I decided to dive in heart first no matter what jitters still lingered.

The rule was simple:

1. One page a day* *Life happens. If you miss a day or three, don't give up, just go back.

And with that I'm about to finish chapter One and feel really good about seeing this through until the end.🎉 Where my astrogeeks at? What's something you’re revisiting during this transit?

Drop me some details so I can cheer you on!🙌🏼

Vanessa Feliciano