I confess -

I'm use to playing small
Being seen, petrifies me.
I fear I'm doing it wrong,
and that there's nothing unique about me.

My motivation tends to be manic 
When it's high, I'm free as a bird.
And then my inner mean girl snaps back,
and I become so unsure.

Am I built to be a boss?
Am I worthy enough to shine?
Could I really make this happen?
Am I wasting my precious time?

These questions, so haunting,
cascade around my brain.
Sometimes I wonder
how I haven't gone insane.

The doubt is oh so real.
The fears are quite strong.
But my resolve is growing steadily,
helping me write a brand NEW song.

And that song is filled
with trust, hope and love.
And it's dedicated to every boss
who refuses to give up.

Who wants to go beyond sink or swim,
and instead be the captain of the ship.
Because we do add value to this world!
And no we will not give in.

We must all remember,
not all who wander are lost.
What we are is brave enough to travel 
on the road of #theimperfectboss ♡VKF

Vanessa Feliciano