To the woman... (A mothers day poem)

To the woman who always knew,
she wanted to give life to another.
To the woman who always knew
it wasn’t for her to be a mother.
To the woman doing the job
without the partnership of the father.
To the woman doing the job with another woman beside her.
To the woman who feels estranged from the word mother,
because her and her kids 
want nothing to do with each other.
To the woman who rises every morning
to raise a child not from her womb.
To the woman who’s chance to mother
ended all too soon.
To the woman who’s had to make peace
with the idea of never being a mom.
To the woman whose lost her mother 
and is trying to move on
To all women everywhere,
no matter where you stand.
I celebrate your wholeness,
as mighty, vibrant woman.
I see you today darling,
and tomorrow I’ll see you too.
Regardless of your status,
I know one thing to be true
Blessed be your heart for all the good you do.
And Lucky is anyone to be loved by you.
Be it the world at large,
friend, kin or child,
you make this crazy world
deliciously worthwhile 💕VkF

Vanessa Feliciano