What nature is teaching me…

Before I left to NY the fact that Spring has arrived here in Vermont was not obvious.

Days later, the signs are much more prominent and it got me thinking about how much we can learn from nature.

Just because I couldn't see her coming to life doesn't mean she wasn't. 
And as she unfolds she isn’t concerned about feeling left behind, or in comparison with other things around her, because she knows everything blooms on it's own time. 

And in that knowing she is also unaware of the majestic miracle she is.

Unlike nature, our awareness gives us the opportunity to notice our growth. That awareness though, can trip us up, leading us to dilute our progress or compare our journey.

If only we could rest in the knowing like Her. Especially when it isn’t yet obvious to others. What excites me is that we can learn to use our awareness to honor All that we are, in all of our stages.

To accept that we grow and die a thousand times over and acknowledge ourselves as a miracle. That's what nature is teaching me today about life today.

Vanessa Feliciano