When you acknowledge the abundance...

When I began to redefine what abundance meant to me, I started to keep a journal about it.

I began to write down every form of abundance, aside from actual money, that I was receiving.

A new idea. Coupons (even if I never intending on using them.) A text from a friend who was thinking of me. Compliments. Conversations. Blog posts or podcasts that inspired me. An unexpected day off. Buying the last bar of my favorite soap. Thrift shop finds. Joe's thoughtfulness. A great nights sleep. The only clean spoon in the house in perfect timing for my nighttime cereal.

And on and on and on I went until I saw how rich I already am. It worked even when shit got hard. Like last year when we lost Joe's grams and it wasn't so easy to feel this way.

It's not an everyday habit anymore....more like once every few weeks. And I'm good with that.

It might pick back again. It may eventually phase out. But that's what giving ourselves #PermissionToPractice is all about.

Staying open to letting our tools change, as we do...letting it teach us what it's suppose to without holding it (or ourselves) to a specific expectation.

Vanessa Feliciano