Vibes first...

Took the day and dedicated it to ease....Every so often, because contrast will always be my best teacher, I have a full day of havoc
AKA signs from the universe that I am becoming vibrationally clogged.

My practice is increasing my sensitivity so by the time I went to sleep last night I had began to reset. And still woke up this morning craving even more time to clear the path.

For the perfectionist in me, who is always ready to stop me and remind me of how much work I "have" to do, this is always about letting go.

Letting go of all things self-imposed in exchange for quiet and trust.

And so I did. Which will make tomorrow's day a little more full with things to do BUT how much there is to do NEVER matters. It's always about how I feel going into it and inside of it.

And every time I remember this truth and decide to live by it, things work out...and most times...even better than I imagined.

Convincing me even further - vibes first. Always all ways.

Vanessa Feliciano