You already know the way home...

Using February to explore new elements of my practice. For me, one the best places to start is somewhere a sense of rest or space already exist.

I realized this when after deeply desiring to begin stretching my body, but always managing to forget, one night I was inspired to do it right before falling asleep.

Nothing grand or fancy, just me under my covers, honoring whatever moves came up. In those moments of space, that's where my intuition finds me.

That was a few months ago.

So now I'm taking this into my morning. The place where rest and space are the name of the game before turning on for the world. The same space that has seen my normal elements of practice become a little stagnant.

And in this space is where for 3 mornings in a row I've moved my body, like I keep wanting to, to one Dirty Heads song, repeated twice. And where I've been inspired to sit with my brushes and play. For a least 10 minutes, minus any expectations.

All this to say that, deep down inside, you already know what you want and need the most. You already know the way home. The lesson becomes looking for and giving yourself the space... to have those desires heard so you can easily follow.

Vanessa Feliciano