But this is why we practice, right?

I woke up and felt a little off today. I felt weighted by my to do and discouraged by responses.... a no, where I deeply wanted a yes and crickets, where I deeply craved reaction.

I shut my eyes and felt myself becoming unaligned. I stood there for a moment, and then grabbed my pen and journal.

I wrote with the desire to reach for a thought that felt better. And every word brought me closer until that better feeling arrived.

Then I grabbed my paintbrush and let whatever worry was left, come out with the colliding of colors.

Inside the kalideoscope of my dreams my doubt is always there and I forget (alot) that I mustn't let outside circumstances dictate my joy because then my happiness isn't resting in my hands.

SO much easier said, than done. So. Much. Easier.

But this is why we practice, right? Not to avoid doubt or fear or pain but to recognize when it's there and find a way to move passed it.

What are some of your favorite way to return, when your peace of mind is fading?

Vanessa Feliciano